Monday, January 27, 2014

Blogger's Block

I love sitting down to write a blogpost whenever the inspiration strikes. When the inspiration doesn’t strike, however, it can get downright painful. Like this morning.

I knew Monday was coming for awhile. Because…well, yesterday was Sunday and the day before that was, well, you get the idea. *ahem*

So, anyways, I knew I had nothing new to blog about. But I still thought I’d give it a shot. To try and keep up with newly-set goals and all.

9:15 a.m. Paris time: *Katie sits down in front of the computer* I really need to write something for today. Now’s a good a time as any. Baby’s fed and playing peacefully. I’ve got coffee. Wait, no I don’t. Finished that cup. Should I have a second? Wait, that was my second. Would a third give me heart palpitations? Maybe I should Google it…

9:32 a.m.: *sits back down in front of computer. With coffee. And an egg, cheese and ham English muffin* Okay. It’s time to blog. Right! Good!



That’s a funny word. Blog.



You know what? I don’t like the way my mouth feels when I say it.

Blog. *shudders* Ew.

Blog. *shudders* Ew!


There aren’t a lot of words that start with ‘Bl’, are there? Let me think…Bleep. Bloated. Blasphemous. Blooper. Okay, I guess there are a lot, kind of.


Wait, is blight a word? Or am I confusing it with ‘smite’? Maybe I should Google it…

9:45 a.m.: *sits back down in front of computer with newfound knowledge of what the word ‘blight’ means* Oh, look at that! The baby needs to be put down for a nap. I’ll just think of a blog topic while I’m in the shower. My imagination always perks up in the shower…

10:15 a.m.: *sits back down in front of computer* I’m ready! Wait. No. I still don’t have a topic. Geez! What the hell happened to all that shower-induced imagination? I guess I must have blown it all on my audition for the imaginary judges of The Voice.



Okay. I’m a writer. And as a writer, all I really need to do to write for this writer’s blog is to share what’s on my mind. As a writer. About writing.

...what is on. my. mind!

What is on my mind...

What the hell IS on my mind?!

Oh my god, this is hopeless!

Tell me, how do you guys find something relevant to blog about on a regular basis? After four years of covering everything from writing and querying to itchy noses and smelling melon butt, I think I’m just about plum out of ideas.


Laura Pauling said...

I think you do just fine! :) Even today's cracked me up. :) I blog now when I have something to blog about. I don't try to force it. Sometimes I'll report on the good books I've been reading.

Natalie Aguirre said...

I agree with Laura. You're doing fine. And I like the idea of talking about books when you get stuck. Since I have a theme of author interviews and guest posts, I don't get stuck on my blog post ideas.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I don't know! I tend to have more ideas than blog space. (As evidenced in today's post, which is overflowing.) What strikes your fancy? What excites you? I find those things keep me well supplied in blog topics.

Stina said...

LMAO!!!! Best. Blog post. Ever.

And yes, that sounds very familiar. It was easy when I just wrote about writing and stuff like that. It's a lot harder now that I don't write about them anymore. I'm always struggling with the, "OMG What am I going to write about this week???" Hence why I now only blog once a week.

AiringMyLaundry said...

My kids give me A LOT of blog fodder so that helps me out. When in doubt, I just post pictures. It's something at least.

I'm also very awkward and get myself into odd situations at times...

S.A. Larsenッ said...

This happens to me so often! And it is painful. Grrr... (It might have to do with the fact that we have so many kiddos our brains can't shutdown enough to hone in on a topic. lol)

For about a year, I've written most posts ahead of time. I do, however, rush to my computer when the moment strikes me with a new blog post. Like the post I have up today. ;)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Well, today's was very entertaining!

I only blog twice a week now, except for the first week in a month when I do three First Impressions posts in a row (assuming we get 3 submissions).

Cutting back helped. But there are plenty of times when I feel exactly like you did today. I usually manage to put something down and sometimes, they end up being one of the best ones (like yours!).

You really should write comedy. The manuscript you picked to work on ... is it comedy? Did you tell me? I'm such a spazz lately, I can't remember if we talked since you picked one.

Laura S. said...

I think you do great! I keep a blogging notebook and write down post ideas when they come to me. Then when I feel like posting something other than a quote day post on Mondays (heehee, easy peasy), I look in my notebook.

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

Crystal Collier said...

LOL!! I love it. I think Memes make a world of difference. Since I adopted 3 of them, I always know what to write about, and in fact, I'm overflowing with ideas. Hey, all else fails, go for comedy, eh? It works on you.

Unknown said...

I post on Sunday, and if I don't have a topic by Thursday, I start to get nervous. By Saturday, it's a panic.

I have a rule that I do not want my blog topic to SOUND like a blog topic. Not like something people would blog about.

I fail a lot, so I know the feeling you're talking about.

Unknown said...

Lol… I have noooooo idea. But could you please write a blog post when you get the answer? ;)

Old Kitty said...

Hence the cats! LOL!! Take care

D.G. Hudson said...

Humor always works. I have a few methods for obtaining ideas: newspaper articles, environment, my interests, book reviews, or photographs.

Hang in there. Inspiration will come, but you may need to get out of the home environment, go for a walk or just sit out in the fresh air.
Good Luck!

Angela Brown said...

Since I've only been at this blogging thing for 2 and half years, a few ideas still roll around in my head. Plus I'm an Indie published author so there seems to always be something positive, negative, odd, weird, weirder, ohmagawd, helpful things to grab for inspiration.
Or, just post a pretty pic.

wonky73 said...

I am feeling you on this one. Sat down Sunday to blog and in about an hour got out three lines and just gave up the whole post. There is a reason I don't force myself to follow a schedule. Maybe I should :)

msmariah said...

When you actually have to think about writing something about writing it could be rather difficult. It can be hard to find the right inspiration. Sometimes I just want to write when I want to and not b/c I feel like I have to.

Gina Ciocca said...

Exactly why it's been forever since I blogged. All I want to do is announce having a book deal, but alas....

Emily Ever said...

Hey! Just stumbled on your blog in the blogosphere and I love it so far!

As for blogging - I always thought I couldn't blog when I'm at home. I used to teach abroad so I always had inspiration in the form of my trials as the Foreigner. I don't know if you are French or living there permanently (haven't read too far yet) but that was a constant source of material.

As for otherwise, it was much harder to get started blogging when I'm in my home country, but there's always something that's on your mind. Something in the news, something you talked about with a friend, etc.

I'm probably giving you advice you already know, but it never hurts to review the options.

Also, have a link day - I love this. Just link to a bunch of interesting readings or funny pictures or awesome sites all in one post. That's kind of my, I don't want to post today post.

Anyway, love the blog! LOVE the banner. I will definitely be back!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

For a post about absolutely was highly enjoyable.

So, does three cups of coffee give you heart palpitations?

DL Hammons said...

This is exactly why I refuse to post (back when I was posting) on a set schedule. Sometimes the well just runs dry. What helps me is that I write down blog post idea's in a notebook for future use when such drought occurs. :)

erica and christy said...

Um, yeah, well....remember us? We took a long blogging break for exactly this reason. Well this reason and the lack of time reason (but we all know that's an excuse, right? Blogging at midnight or three am is totally doable). I tend to think of blog post ideas throughout the day, but when it comes time to write them, it's like, Really? Will people care? And then I chicken out and don't post. But look at your following! You're doing just keep it up! :) Christy


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