Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q - Question & Answers with Creepy

So, instead of going on about yours truly, I thought this might be a good occasion to find out more about all of YOU wonderful people!  So today we’re going to be playing question & answers with creepy.

Q:  When and why did you first start blogging?

Q: What genre books do you read/write?

Q: What is your current work-in-progress about?

Q: How long have you working towards getting published?

My answers:

A: I first started blogging in April 2010 which would make my blog two years old, already. Yikes. Time flies!

A: I write young adult urban fantasies and romantic comedies. I read just about everything under the moon but I’m mostly a ‘mood’ reader – I’ll get in the mood for a romance, or a YA contemp, urban fantasy, or a chick lit, historical, etc…and then just splurge on it until I can’t take anymore.

A: My romantic comedy KISSING FOR COFFEE is out with two agents at the moment.  It’s about a girl who, while struggling to hold on to her social standing, accidently starts a state-wide high school ‘kissing for coffee’ campaign. FOSSEGRIM -  a book about a boy delinquent-turned-mermaid is about to head into another round of revisions and I’m seriously thinking about self-pubbing it.

A: Ugh. I hate this question. (Even if I came up with it) But if I’m honest, I’ll say I’ve been trying to break into the biz about three years – since I finished my first book in 2009.

Your turn!


Huntress said...

Love today's post!

Q1. Two years and two months ago on a whim to improve my writing skill

Q2. Fantasy! All flavors, all kinds but mostly urban.

Q3. My wip is about life after death and the end of bad hair days forever.

Q4. About three years

Matthew MacNish said...

1) One month before you. I remember those days fondly.

2) Read - everything. Write - YA of any kind.

3) Not telling (at least not in a comment).

4) Longer than I care to think about, but about 4 years or so.

Summer Frey said...

1) Jan 2010, though my sad attempts of late seem like they should barely count...

2) Read everything. Write a lot, but with heavy focus on adult urban fantasy.

3) Family woes, mother-daughter relationships, and eugenics.

4) Not sure I can really answer this, because I haven't really started.

Talli Roland said...

I remember when your blog first appeared on the scene! Your blog name made me grin. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on two years then!
Started blogging November 2009 when my publisher told me to get my butt online.
Write science fiction; read the same plus fantasy and thrillers.
Working on the third book in my series.

Old Kitty said...

Q: When and why did you first start blogging? - 1 Jan 2010

Q: What genre books do you read/write? - well not so much books but very eclectic short stories!

Q: What is your current work-in-progress about? - erm my wip started in 2005! LOL!

Q: How long have you working towards getting published? see above! LOL!

Take care

Dean Crawford said...

Q: When and why did you first start blogging?
2006 - I wanted to record on some kind of public forum the journey from unknown hopeful into happily published "professional".

Q: What genre books do you read/write?
Thrillers, specifically those with a slightly scientific edge or with a core of reality about them. I think that the more realistic a story is, within reason, the more believable it becomes and the more satisfying as a result.

Q: What is your current work-in-progress about?
I'm working on Book 4 in the Ethan Warner series, entitled "BEAST". It's about the discovery of a living cryptozoological species - the biological equivalent of finding a living dinosaur.

Q: How long have you working towards getting published?
I started writing with the goal of being published in 1996. I got my first deal in September 2010. A long road, but I'm now writing full-time, my debut was a best-seller, and film companies from the USA are interested in the rights to my novels. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone - if they work hard enough for it.

Tasha Seegmiller said...

October 2011 after learning about it from Elana Johnson and David Powers King because I wanted to meet more writers. I'm writing Women's Lit with some ideas to continue in this genre or YA. A woman who dies before her turn and is trying to reconnect with her family. Seriously for about six months, thought about it for years.

Anonymous said...

We have similar reading and writing habits! I've lost count of the years I've been blogging--not sure if that's good or bad. ;-)

P.S. Best of luck with your submissions! Both of your YA sound very intriguing. Love the boy/mermaid concept!

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Been blogging about one year - give or take a post or two... Seriously writing for 10 years! Just finished my latest book 'The Afterlife of Darkmares'
Good luck with all your writing!

Carrie-Anne said...

Q: When and why did you first start blogging?
I started my Angelfire site in the fall of 2001 and began writing essays and articles on it in January '02, my senior year of university. I began my current blog last March, about six months after some pre-Vatican II wingnut and her sycophantic friends had my beautiful, prolific Angelfire site deleted. Thank God, I was able to save almost 1,000 of the essays and other things I wrote for it.

Q: What genre books do you read/write?
Historical fiction, literary fiction, classic world literature, and some sci-fi. I write 20th century historical and some soft sci-fi, both adult and preteen/YA. Most of my YA is in the Bildungsroman genre. Perhaps someday I'll try writing 19th century historical again, or go back even further and try the Middle Ages or prehistory.

Q: What is your current work-in-progress about?
A young boy who ages from 14 to just shy of 21, who wants to join the Dutch Resistance, find his father's murderers, and join the real army to help free his homeland. After his escape from a death train, a serious injury calls into question his ability to do those things, but eventually his dream starts coming true, with some surprises along the way.

Q: How long have you working towards getting published?
I was querying too briefly in 2000-01, but I was writing all that time, and have been writing since I've been 4 years old. It just wasn't time yet for me to become published in my early twenties.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Q1: I started blogging about a year ago, then let it go for almost a year and started back up to do this challenge.

Q2: I write pretty much anything. Currently I am writing YA coming of age books.

Q3: WIP is a four part series about girls in highschool and how their decisions good or bad affect them for the next ten years of their lives.

Q4: I haven't finished a book yet so currently I haven't worked towards getting published at all. Love your blog.

Tracy said...

Q1. It's almost exactly two years since I started blogging.

Q2. I love to write realistic fiction and poetry and short stories that inspire and leave a message.

Q3. I read fiction, biography, crime drama, and mysteries.

Q4. I self-published my first book; Life Through the Eyes of a Hurricane: Doggie-Dog! and didn't realize when I went into it that it was self-publishing so I've learned a lot and will strongly consider that route again...My book is a compilation about the ins and outs of life from the perspective of our golden retriever and now my next venture is to take some of the more popular stories within that and turn them into individual children's books with illustrations.
great "Q" word...

fakesteph said...

Q: When and why did you first start blogging?
A:2008, but I didn't blog at all in 2009 and have been blogging more consistently only within the last year and a half.

Q: What genre books do you read/write?
A: Read about everything, but love YA and comedy.
Write contemporary YA novels (and just started an MG) and action screenplays.

Q: What is your current work-in-progress about?
A: A middle school girl who moves from LA to Texas after her celebrity sister declares emancipation.

Q: How long have you working towards getting published?

I played around with writing for all of 2008, but spent most of 2008 and 2009 on screenplays. In 2010, I fell back in love with novels. 2011 I queried my first book. Now I'm just rewriting a LOT.

Aldrea Alien said...

Q: When and why did you first start blogging?
I started sometime last year (seriously about half that time). To be honestly, it was to connect with other writerly people. ‘Tis lonely down here.

Q: What genre books do you read/write?
Fantasy mostly (adult, that is. I don’t think I could write a YA). Though my first story is a Science Fantasy and I’ve written what I originally through was a Paranormal Romance but turns out it’s a Paranormal with historical and romantic elements. O_o

Q: What is your current work-in-progress about?
17 yr-old Clara has been kidnapped and chosen to become the next Dark One’s Mistress. Yet escape could mean the destruction of the kingdom.

Then there’s Anubis’ Handmaiden, about June who is destined to relive the life of a woman 5000 years dead, including her prophesised death.
Honestly, after the hiccup with the last paranormal-not-romance, I’ve no idea what to classify this one.

Q: How long have you been working towards getting published?
Er ... seems like forever ... since 2007, I think. Mostly with the first story, which has undergone several rewrites to improve it. It ended up 186k words long, kinda hard to debut with.

Stephsco said...

1. Live Journal blog 2002 - 2007. I've been on Blogger a few years but my most recent book blog I started a little over a year ago.

2.I speed read YA; love contemporary YA in particular. I also read a mix of quirky humor, women's fiction, memoirs. I drift.

3. WIP is YA historical set in 1963 about a girl who struggles to balance her father's fame as an astronaut and her interest in the burgeoning civil rights movement.

4. Still writing the damned WIP. :)

Marta Szemik said...

1. Sept 2011. I'm a baby. Until there I had no clue there was a blogging community. I started to connect with writers, readers and authors.

2.I read YA, mystery, Paranormal, thrillers, fantasy, fiction. Pretty much anything time will allow for. I'm afraid to read true stories: these scare me more than horror.

3. Working on 3 projects. Currently finishing a YA urban fantasy/paranormal sequel to Two Halves. Once that done, I have 3/4 of another WIP - fiction. Then I will continue a serial I started (mystery) which will be composed of 6 series. The mystery won't be revealed until the last one.

4. Published Nov. 2011 :)

Botanist said...

Q1: October 2009, on our 5th anniversary of landing in Canada. It was meant to be a way for friends & family to keep track of us, but they never visit. It's morphed into vaguely writing-related stuff.

Q2: Mostly sci-fi and fantasy, with a few spy/suspense/thrillers thrown in. I write only sci-fi though. It's much easier to invent my own worlds than have to know real verifiable things about the real world.

Q3: An assassin on a revenge mission. Trouble is, she's never killed an entire planet before, and it's more difficult than she thought.

Q4: Ever since I "finished" in 2008. Most of the "working towards" has really been endless critiques and revisions, which far outweighs active querying.

JennaQuentin said...

Neat idea for Q!
For my answers, I started blogging seriously about 2 years ago. I read a bit of everything and I try to have lots of variety (fantasy or sci-fi is my true love though). I am writing an MG dystopia that's set in a futuristic France. I've been working towards publishing for a couple years, getting more and more serious about it.
Bonne chance A to Z-ing!

Melody said...

Sorry, I'm playing a little bit of blogging catch-up, haha. :) And since I can't resist forms and questions that need answering...

A-February 2010. Because I thought that journaling the misadventures of an aspiring author was an original idea.

A-Young Adult. And Christian suspense. And the occasional MG, cozy, or classic. :) But I only write YA.

A-It's about a girl who must choose between her family and her country...and maybe fall in love in the process. :)

A-Since November 2009. I was in the middle of writing an MS at the time, but I decided that it was going to be the one that I mastered and queried. I've since shelved it and queried another book.


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