Monday, February 7, 2011

FFC Contest Winner

So we had some pretty interesting entries for the Guess That Freaky-French Commercial Contest!  

Entrants watched the freaky-french commercial that featured basically a whole city just…well, making out, and gave their best guesses as to what was being sold.
Among the guesses were:
Allergy Medicine
Life insurance
Dating site
Heart Medicine
Steel toed work boots
Window cleaner
Chap stick
Eyeglass cleaner
 Skin cream
 Acne medication
 Tooth whitener
Contact lenses
Mouth wash 

Well, the commercial was for a well known brand of GLASSES  ‘Krys’ who has just come up with a new one-year insurance policy for their customers--And I guess it really makes everyone wanna make out.

the Winner of the book ‘Personal Demons’ is :

  GINA from Writer’s Blog! 

Congratulations Gina! Please be sure to email me your coordinates so I can send you the book!

Thanks so much to all of you who commented on my Ten Sucky Things post.  Rejection doesn’t get easier, especially when you come so close, no matter how long you’re at this.  I usually deal with it in several phases. 

Phase 1: Flatness “I knew this would happen.”
Phase 2: Realization “NOOOooooooo!  Why God, WHY!?”
Phase 3: Tears
Phase 4:  Comfortable numbness.  “Put yourself together woman! You’ve got responsibilities!  There’s no crying in baseball!”
Phase5:  “But NooooooOOOOOO!”
Phase6:  Frantic Binge Querying.  “SOMEONE must be out there for me.  I have to find them!!!!”
Phase 7:  New Requests come in.  “Hmmmn.  Maybe THIS will be the one!”

What are your phases of grief when it comes to rejection?  

Have a great Monday people!



Melissa said...

Congrats to Gina!!! You know, everyone probably started making out because glasses make them happy.... or something... French marketing people obviously don't make a lot of sense to me! Just saying!

I haven't started querying but I am terrified to! I feel like my process will pretty similar to yours

S.A. Larsenッ said...

I simply bat my eyes and breath. Somehow, that cleanses away the sting.

Laura Pauling said...

I get discouraged and watch television and read books and then get back in the saddle. It's never easy!

Unknown said...

Congrats to Gina! It seems I missed out on the fun but it sounds cool anyway, who doesn't love making out! Hehe!

I normally cry, eat ice cream, take a bath and then send out a few more. Nothing easy about this business, and yet we still subject ourselves to it. Why?! We must be insane (or in love)... maybe both.

Stina said...

When my rejection came, I looked at it. Sent a thank you note to the agent (and she replied thanking me for my thank you note!). Deleted the rejection without batting an eye. Then I went back to editing my new wip. It's weird, but I don't feel like it's my novel I'm querying. It's like it's someone elses. ;)

Gina Ciocca said...

YAAAAY!!! Katie you made my day, I never win anything. Thanks so much!

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that your Fairy God Agent is just around the corner!

Kelly Polark said...

Glasses! Did at least one person of the couple wear glasses? I guess people do make passes at girls who wear glasses! :)
Congrats to gina!

Angelina Rain said...

Rejections suck. The most you could do is send it somewhere else and repeat the process until you either publish or are out of publishers to send to. Hopefully, you’ll get a “Yes” soon. Good luck!

Emily White said...

Oh man! My first guess was right! I should learn to go with my gut instincts.

Congrats, Gina!

Old Kitty said...

Congratulations to Gina!!!! I would never have guessed glasses!!! Glasses?!?! Wow!! Maybe I should change my brand and get these ones advertised!!! My social life may change! LOL!!!

Big hugs to you CQG!!!! I guess my phases for dealing with rejection are pretty much these too. I do get to the frantic querying after rejection thinking someone out there must like my story! LOL! (When I say querying - I mean a mag/competition rejects my story so I re-send it elsewhere to all and sunder asap!!!).

Take care

Carolyn V said...

Glasses???? I was so wrong. =p

My last phase would be pigging out on all the chocolate I could find.

DL Hammons said...

Glasses?? WTF??

Not having sent off a query letter reaction to rejection is pretty much a non-starter so far. :)

Kindros said...

No grieving here. When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome again. True story. :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

I've been reworking my MSs so right now, I don't have to worry about rejections just yet. But my rejection reaction cycle is rather close to yours.

Samantha Vérant said...

Rejection? It went like this: Tears. Chocolate. Wine. Revenge Query. Wine. Wine. Wine. Chocolate. or something like that?

Dawn Ius said...

I mostly relate to phase 4... And then I drink. Hang in there, gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Congrats, Gina!! And dealing with rejection is an on-going education -- like learning to be okay with weight gain or getting older. Some days are just easier than others. Hang in there!

Angela said...

I think you did a pretty good job of summing up the phases of rejection. The only one I'd add to my list is the part where I snap at people then go write a poem to make myself feel better.

I never would have guessed that commercial was for glasses.

Anne R. Allen said...

Yup. Those phases are spot on for me. Except the repeat part. After so many years and so many books, I'm finding it hard to face another round of query wars. After years of being told my work is too quirky, my latest is being rejected because "it doesn't stand out."

I think it's the best book I can write. So I wonder if there's a point where you just need to stop and figure you're just writing for yourself? I don't even know any more.

Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations to Gina!

LTM said...

glasses... *snort*
Rejection phases? Lately I've been dealing with revision request phases. Which is nice, but still not *there.* In this level of hell, I kind of go through that flat phase of "I have no idea what this person wants from me." then I go through that "Maybe this person just doesn't *get* my book, so perhaps I should query a bunch of other people and see if they agree"... And then I start revising again. Which is what I'm doing now.

It's not more fun. :p <3

Colene Murphy said...

Hahaha! Steel-toed work boots cracked me up. Congrats to your winner!! And horrifying break down! Thanks for that ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Gina!

By the way, phase four is rather hilarious.

Jemi Fraser said...

It's often hard to tell what's being sold in ads, but this is a really bizarre one! :)

K M Kelly said...

Glasses!!! Well I never would have guessed that!!!

WritingNut said...

Yay! Congrats to Gina!

I haven't started querying yet, but I've hit full panic mode quite a few times ;)

sim only said...

Rejection phases? Lately I've been dealing with revision request phases. Which is nice, but still not *there.* In this level of hell, I kind of go through that flat phase of "I have no idea what this person wants from me." then I go through that "Maybe this person just doesn't *get* my book, so perhaps I should query a bunch of other people and see if they agree"...

Shari said...

Glasses really ???


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