Friday, September 7, 2012

FMFB- Get It While It's Hot!

I raise my cup of coffee to you on this blissful Friday Morning Follower’s Boffee. Fall is well on its way in the Paris suburbs and I’m absolutely loving the chilly mornings, Indian summer-y skies and turning leaves. Autumn has always been, without a doubt, my favorite season. 

For those of you who are new to bloffee- all you have to do to participate is 1. Comment. 2. Tell us what you’re bringing to this morning’s potluck brunch. (I’m ordering some virtual pumpkin spice lattés in honor of the autumn season:) 3. Look for someone in the comments section you don’t know and check out their blog! Voila! A potential friend and follower connection has been made!

As for this week’s news: the ‘Gearing Up to Get an Agent’ blogfest (otherwise known as GUTGAA) is organizing crit partner/ beta reader connections this week. So if any of you have a draft you’d like to get some input on, here’s a great place to start!

Blogging buddy, freelance editor, and awesome author represented by Kate McKean of the Howard Morhaim Literary agency- Leigh T. Moore is releasing her debut novel THE TRUTH ABOUT FAKING through amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.  It’s a contemporary romance that sounds right up my alley and I can’t wait to read it! See more here. 

As for me, I’m finding that pregnancy and writing don’t always go hand in hand. My usual afternoon writing time keeps getting interrupted when I fall into a mid-day coma which may or may not consist of moderate snoring. My poor keyboard is covered in dried crumbs, drool, and sticky liquids from the constant snacking (and the ‘m’ key still won’t work right). My favorite yoga pants are getting tight in the midsection. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are no long just ‘meals’, but ‘experiences’-worthy of a thousand words or more describing just how good everything tastes and sometimes, when sitting down to write, I zone out- reliving the wonderfulness that was lunch…which inevitably leads to more snacking and not-so-much writing. *sigh*

How are all of you lovelies this morning? What, more than anything else, keeps you from your usual writing time? (social media? work? other books? scumptilicious snacks?) Any big plans for this weekend?


Nighfala said...

Oh, I love virtual parties! I'm bringing some strawberry scones. I find that the Internet is my big shiny distraction. It's sooo much more fun to talk to other people than sit alone and work.

Congrats on your pregnancy! I can relate to the pregnancy-food thing. I worked in the city when I was preggers with DS and there food carts all around my building, including a coffee cart in the foyer. When he was born I called him "my little lemon danish."

Maybe I should have brought lemon danish!

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Best of luck with the pregnancy. You're obviously taking it all in your stride!!! I'm not pregnant but I can relate to the afternoon blahs! It's very hot here so doesn't lend itself to work. A snooze is a much better idea...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Just remember to clean off your keyboard once in a while so more letters don't stick!

Natalie Aguirre said...

I'm bringing coffee of course. So excited for Leigh!

And I think you're entitled to a mid afternoon snooze. You've got to take care of yourself and your baby.

Hart Johnson said...

HA! To go with those lattes, I am adding the pumpkin-ginger scones that Starbucks does--they're divine!

I predict a girl. My daughter made me CONSTANTLY want to eat and sleep. I was more wakeful with my son and had to pace myself more on the meals (tons of tiny ones because too full made me MISERABLE, though too empty did, too).

And you will love Leigh's book! I got to beta read it and it's a great story!

Old Kitty said...

Hoorah for LTM and yay for you too!!

Today I'm bringing chocolate ice cream cos for me it's still summer, yes it is!! Take care

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan said...

We're planning to visit an apple orchard this weekend, so I'm bringing apple donuts.

Work tends to take most of my energy, but taking care of a child is harder in some ways. My son doesn't give me an hour-long lunch break on the weekend, so sometimes it's harder to find writing time on the weekend than during the week.

Rachel said...

I'm virtually bringing to this picnic Goldfish. You can't go wrong with cheddar, smiley fish crackers :-)

Best of luck with the pregnancy, Katie!!! I hope all goes smoothly.

Now off to check out another commenter.

shelly said...

Oops! I just finished my Greek yogurt.

Anyway, Peeps inviting themsleves over distract my from my writing duties. Peeps don't see it as a real job. ***shrugs*** I don't understand.

Hugs and chocolate,

Connie Keller said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you.

BTW, the pumpkin lattes are delicious. I'd be bringing the pancakes I made this morning, but they're icky. (My family ate them, but I had Cheerios.)

Off to check other blogs. Thanks.

Matthew MacNish said...

Congrats, Creepy!

Katharina Gerlach said...

I'm sorry to be so late on the GUTGAA meet and greet. As always, life exploded into chaos when I thought things would calm down. Well, can't be helped. How about some pear jelly for the party?

S.A. Larsenッ said...

OMGosh! I am freaking excited for Leigh!! That's what I'm you all might want to bring some earplugs.

Sarah said...

I'm bringing a fruit tray because we all know we should eat more fruit, but it so much easier when it's already in tray format.

Now I'll have to go find a new blog friend. :)

Wendy said...

I'm bringing chocolate chocolate-chip muffins. THE BIG ONES!

I'm envious of your autumn arrival. Despite it being September it's STILL 100 DEGREES WHERE I AM. So unfair.

Tony Van Helsing said...

I had no idea pregnancy affected taste in this way.

mshatch said...

I've got blackberry smoothies made with fresh blackberries picked from the trail where I run :)

Blogging and reading blogs and commenting all distract me but I consider it time well spend. How else would I have met the best cp ever (you know who I mean :)) Now to go meet someone new!

prerna pickett said...

I love fall. I grew up back east (in the states) and it was glorious. And I feel for you, just one year ago I was in your shoes with the pregnancy. Naps are the best. Hang in there!

LTM said...

Katie! Girl!!! THANK YOU for the shout out! You are too cool, little mamma! ;p And thanks to Hart, Sheri, Natalie, and all you sweeties up there, too. ((hugs))

Our weather is starting to cool down here, too, and you're right this is the BEST time of the year! I agree w/the person above who noted that fruit is important for you right now, but what's a fall fruit? Oh, well, I guess that means we have to eat more cake. ;p

I totally zonked when pregnant. I was so. Tired! all the time. Hang in there! xoxo <3


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