Friday, October 7, 2011

Useless Without My Bloffee...

Welcome everybody to Friday Morning Follower’s Bloffee!  -A way to meet new people and up your followers during your normal friday morning rituals.  Place your breakfast contribution on the counter and settle in!

 All you have to do to participate is 1.  Comment. 
2. Tell me what you’ve brought for morning bloffee.  (Today I’ve started out with coffee and some honey glazed croissants.) 

3. Click on someone you don’t know in the comments section and check out their blog!  Voila- a new friend and potential follower connection has been made!

In the meantime I’ll be available for chat in the comments section. This week has been the first week in a long time where I couldn't participate in my usual blogging schedule so I've missed everything! :( 

Pretty please fill me in!- what did you guys blog about this week?  Have you noticed any major themes around the blogosphere?  And I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all the kind and encouraging comments I recieved about my 'news' in the post below.  I don't know where I'd be without the support of the blogging community.  Ya'll give me the warm & fuzzies:)

Have a great weekend everyone!



Dianne K. Salerni said...

A little coffee cake would be good this morning. I'm bringing that!

This week I did my usual First Impressions posts for the first week of the month -- a mini critique of people's first page. I LOVE getting a peek at other people's manuscripts!

Since I'm the first one here, I'll have to come back this weekend to pop by other blogs and see who else was up for Bloffee this morning -- or (ahem) use my phone under the desk during this morning's faculty meetings. Shh. Don't tell.

Laura Pauling said...

I brought fruit salad with whipped cream. :)

Themes? on the blogosphere? Def. people telling other people what to do, what to think, and that they're right. Frankly. I'm getting a little tired of it. :) It's a fresh spring breeze here. ;)

Laura S. said...

Goooood Mooorning!!! I have here with me apple juice and homemade pancakes. Fruit, whipped cream, and/or chocolate chip toppings are available. :)

I can't think if I've noticed any major themes this week...but the state of publishing today and its future has been a big theme lately.

Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend, Katie!!!

Steve Miller said...

Well... I spent the night editing stories for "Fists of Foolishness" and writing my preface... and drinking Chocolate Vodka with Milk. So that's what I'm bringing to the morning.

That and a re-learning of the lesson that it's dangerous for me to drink Chocolate Vodka and Milk while editing and writing because I lose track of how much I've put down until I try to stand up!

As for this week... it was spent finishing up a werewolf story, reviewing horror movies, and editing and then trying to promote a satirical RPG product titled "The Pimp, the Protester, and the Po-Po." And the aforementioned "Fists of Foolishness." The common theme of the week was horror, with Robert E. Howard as a sub-theme. And the under-current of a little bit of sadness on behalf of a frequent collaborator, because it's looking like she's going to have soft sales on the second product in a row.

And... that was a lot of words for my first official visit here. But that's another side effect of too much Chocolate Vodka and Milk, I fear. :)

Liz said...

I have Fruit Loops and ginger ale. But not together, obviously.

I haven't noticed any themes around the web, unless you want to include Steve Jobs. There was an innovator.

Creepy Query Girl said...

Welcome Steve! Sounds like you had a wonderfully productive week! And everything is better with vodka and chocolat milk:)

Laura P- Glad I missed those kinds of posts:(

Jennifer- that sounds like a really interesting topic! I'll stop by!

Thanks Laura M! You too!

And Dianne- you bad girl you!:)

Shelly said...

A cup of Jasmine Green Tea and some agave syrup. Oatmeal and eggs sprinkle with raisins and cinnamon.

Old Kitty said...

Ooooh I've got some mini muffins from Costa! Hooorah!!!

I'm trying to apply for one competition a week - so I blog on Mondays about something feline-centric and silly (yay!) and then disappear to work on my story entry! LOL!

Time for another mini-muffin! Take care

Haven said...

I brought a pot of green tea and Orange-Cranberry Scones. Yum yum. Still warm from the oven.

Yep, I have to agree with Elizabeth. The only recurrent theme I've seen are the Steve Jobs tributes. So sad.

JennaQuentin said...

I'll bring chai tea that traveled from wherever it was made to the USA and then all the way to me in France (thanks mom)!!

It's great getting to meet people here! I've been floating around the blogging world with the Rule of Three Blogfest (#REN3 on twitter, by Damyanti Biswas @ Amlokiblogs, Lisa Vooght @ Flash Fiction, and Stuart Nager @ Tale Spinning. So that's about all the blog news I've seen! Any other participants here today?

Slamdunk said...

Grapes are my contribution this morning.

Stress seems to be a common theme--some folks deal with it better than other.

Enjoy your weekend CQG.

Matthew MacNish said...

I'm bringing a steaming cup of black tea, because I'm under the weather.

I think I see someone up there I don't know. I'm on my way ...

Jennie Bennett said...

What a great idea! This morning I'm bringing pumpkin pasties becasue it's fall so now we're allowed to eat pumpkin :)

As far as the blogosphere goes, I'm going agree with others about the Steve Jobs thing, so sad.

prerna pickett said...

I've brought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in honor of fall, and me finally being able to eat chocolate again! I'm posting my usual Friday Five today...I'll be stopping some other blogs as well!

JEM said...

Dude what an awesome post idea! How have I missed this before? I brought a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (after having coffee at home DON'T JUDGE ME). I blogged this week about the Austin Teen Book Festival here in, well, Austin. And I'll be blogging about it again soon, it was that good :).

Charlie N. Holmberg said...

I am bringing some Carnation Instant Breakfast, because that's what I had. ;) Chocolate, no worries.

This week I blogged about Priscilla Long's "The Writer's Portable Mentor" and chainmail bikinis (with a Youtube video I found that is hilarious.) Today I'm blogging about meditation for writers.

Excited that I actually got on in time to participate in this, I've been late the last two weeks! Who to click on...

Cynthia Lee said...

I'm bringing cherry almond scones and hot Earl Grey. The Anglophile in me cannot resist.

I got the Versatile Blogger award so I talked about that and I had to post 7 random things about myself.

I promised a blog buddy that I would post a picture of the day I met Nathan Fillion at a sci-fi con. I look really silly in the picture. I'm all red and my eyes are bulgy and squiggly-looking because he was so close to me.

Do they have Nathan Fillion in France? :)

vanyelmoon said...

I am bringing a goat cheese and tomato fritatta. We all need a bit of protein :)

I started a new series of posts about healthy nutrition for vegetarians. I added a couple of recipes, one using Avocado and the other Chickpeas.

I can't wait for Blogfest on October 14th. It should be fun!

mshatch said...

I've got espresso and Danish pastries my mom made. Like Dianne I was busy with first impressions this week. I've really come to enjoy these little sneak peaks,

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Um... I brought an energy drink!
Matthew and I are hosting a Pay it Forward blogfest next Friday. And we just had the second posting of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. I'm blown away by the response for that one.

colbymarshall said...

I have a box of cinnamon toast crunch, here, and I'm not afraid to use it!

Earlier this week on my humor blog, I posted about Texas ending last meal requests for inmates. I'm about to run over to my thriller/writing blog and post about finishing a first draft today before I come meet some of you fine folks!

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey here,
I have just popped over to say "hi" from the Pay it forward blog fest. I thought I would introduce myself and say hello to a few people while I have a RARE spare moment to myself.
Great blog btw.
Eve, xoxo

J.C. Martin said...

What a lovely idea! I brought some Chinese tea, and some yummy custard tarts! :)

Katie, congrats on the agent feedback! You must be thrilled! Fingers crossed for you that this could lead to representation, but it also presents a dilemma: what would then happen to Creepy Query Girl?

I'm in the same boat at the moment, waiting for a response to the full an agent requested. It's been 3 weeks, but it feels more like 3 months!

So to keep myself occupied, I'm running a Trick or Treat Spooktacular. Prizes include books, and depending on turnout, an Amazon voucher or (gasp!) a brand new Amazon Kindle! Pop by my blog if you're interested (sorry if I sounded spammy there)!

Andrew said...

Is it weird that I actually use my travel coffee mug for the purposes of making ramen noodles?
--That's what's really in the mug I carry to work each morning: ramen noodles. I heat them up before leaving, and stick them in the insulated mug so they're still warm at lunch time.

Also, I will follow your instructions, and check out another comment poster's blog.

Talei said...

I'm a little late for last week! And I only have water and one aspirin on offer today. But hey - I am happy I found your Bloffee morning, fab idea! Shall try popping in this Friday.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey Katie! Matthew and I are hosting the Pay it Forward blogfest this coming Friday and it fits perfect with your regular Friday post.


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